Who is behind the Assassination Attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s car ?

Vladimir Putin’s limousine ‘attacked in assassination attempt

Vladimir Putin’s car was “attacked” in an assassination attempt in the middle of the Ukraine war, according to an unconfirmed claim.

The Kremlin chief’s limousine was reportedly hit by a “strong blow” to the left front wheel, followed by thick smoke. Putin was unharmed when his car drove to safety, but there were several arrests by his security service.

Other bodyguards disappeared after it was claimed secret information about the 69-year-old ruler’s movements had been compromised, according to General Canal’s SVR. heavy smoke,” it says.

The car drove to safety with Putin unharmed, but there have been multiple arrests by his security service, while other bodyguards have disappeared amid claims secret information about the 69-year-old ruler’s movements had been compromised. says the General SVR.

While some are skeptical of General SVR, others say it’s one of the few prominent anti-Putin channels in Russia that gives insight into what’s really going on in the Kremlin.

The same source claims in a separate publication that Putin ordered his glamorous lover Alina Kabaeva, 39, a former Olympic gymnast, to have an abortion, causing their relationship to “deteriorate”.

It is not possible to check it immediately each of the Extraordinary Demands. According to the anti-Kremlin channel, Putin traveled back to his official residence on an unspecified date in a “spare” decoy or motorcade amid deep security fears.

How actually  Vladimir Putin’s limousine ‘attacked

This allegedly included five armored cars, with Putin in the third. “On the way to the residence a few kilometers away, the first escort car was blocked by an ambulance, [and] the second escort car drove [because of the] sudden obstacle without stopping and while bypassing the obstacle.

Inside Putin’s car, “a loud knock was heard on the left front wheel, followed by thick smoke.” Putin’s car “despite control problems” made it out of the scene of the attack to reach the safe residence.

“Then the body of a man who was driving [the] ambulance that blocked the first car of the motorcade was found”, “The chief of the President’s bodyguard [service] and several others have been suspended and are in custody . ‘ the channel confirmed, without naming anyone. “

A close circle of people knew about the President’s movement in this procession, and all were from the President’s Security Service. “After the incident, three of them disappeared. exactly people sitting in the first car of the caravan. “His fate is currently unknown.

The car they were traveling in was found empty a few kilometers from the incident.

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