EveryThing You should Know about 15th August

Why India Celebrate 15th August and about 75th Independence day Celebration

INDIA Celebrating 75th Independence Day this year.

On This Day August 15th 1947 India Become Independent Country. On This day Britisher's Rule Ended in India After more than 200 years

History Of India

India is one of the Richest Country in The late 17 century but britisher's Came here to trade and started Looting the country and Established there rule in the country.

India and britisher's 1857

Indian Troops and All The leader's Of India in 1857 Started Revolt against Britisher's. There is Complete Blood bath in the country but Britisher's able to defend there rule at that time and ruled India Till 1947.

How INDIA Celebrates Independence Day

On Independence Day There is Flag Ceremony on Lal Kila by Prime Minister Of The Country And a huge Parade is held On the Lal Kila after the flag Ceremony.

What Is This Independence Parade About?

Independence Day Parade is all about Showing Different culture of Country. And a Showing of Country Military Power and There different Experties And Power's.

These Images Are The Images of Indian Freedom Fighter's Who Fought For the Country's Freedom Against The Britisher's.

Freedom Fighter's