iphone 14 all details : Camera of Iphone 14, SAFETY and all details.

All about iphone 14

Camera of Iphone 14

As we all know that the iphones cameras are very good and useful. The front camera is 12 MP and first time auto focus mode. The front camera has now good low light mode and good photography. The real camera is also 12 MP. But the real camera of iphone 14 and iphone 13 are almost same.

The new iphone 14 video camera is comes with new mode action mode. This is use for more stabalization.


iphone 14 comes with 5g. This phone comes with multiple eSims and this is very good things. In US there no sim port in their iphone 14.


in this iphone 14 you have better emergeny saffetyies. You can find by someone by SOS even you dont have any connection. Apple has their own SOS satelite. They can connect and find the user with that. You just connect with satelight justy by seeing that side and when phone connect you send and get messages within 15 seconds. You can also use find my app for connecting the satelight.

Iphone 14 notch

According to many rumors we heard that iphone 14 has come without notch. But this is just a rumor it is not real. according to the apple event today there is notch in iphone 14 and iphone 14 plus but iphone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro max is comes without the nortch.


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