Chandigarh University Girl’s Protest, Chandigarh University Girl’s hostel video leak

All about Chandigarh University Protest

This is terribly huge news that vast protests have broken go into Mohali’s Chandigarh University when a lady allegedly leaked objectionable videos of different students, that ar being wide shared on the web. the girl student has been taken into police custody, aforesaid officers. Police and also the personal university’s administration have denied social media.

According to the news and rumors claims concerning many women trying to die by suicide because of the incident, deeming them rumors. University officers aforesaid that one in every of the alleged affected women had fainted and has been hospitalised.

Reason behind the Protest Chandigarh University

According to several reports and rumors, the girl student defendant of unseaworthy the videos on-line was conjointly allegedly hard-to-please cash from others for not unseaworthy them. when the matter came to light-weight, many students control protests within the varsity field and conjointly on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road late Sabbatum night.


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The defendant students allegedly recorded sixty feminine students whereas taking tub and sent the video to an exponent, WHO discharged the video on web.

Statement of Pro-Chancellor Chandigarh university

According to the Pro-Chancellor Dr. RS Bawa, “The rumor which is circulating through media that 60 objectionable MMS have been found of students … is totally false and baseless. During the preliminary investigation conducted by the University, there have been no videos found of any student which are objectionable except a personal video shot by a girl which was shared by herself to her boyfriend.”

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