Bgmi new mustang car skins : All about BGMI new Mustang Car skins in Bgmi

All about BGMI new Car skins

According to the rumors and the beta testers that is confirmed that the new car skins are available in BGMI soon. There are total four(4) new car skins in upcoming event or update. It is rumored that the new collabration of BGMI with the Mustang is confirmed. There are total two car skins one for Darcia and one for Coop. The BGMI last partnership with the Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports vehicles and SUVs was very good and successful.

The new skins attracts the users more than anything. Many players invest too much money for these car skins. It is BGMI’s fifth collaboration with an automobile manufacturer, with the previous three being McLaren, Tesla, Koenigsegg and Lamborghini.

Darcia and Coop New Skins

The new partnership with the Mustang is quite good and intresting. According to recent update and beta testers there are total two new car skins with the four colors. The Darcia comes with Yellow and Pink colors on the other hand the Coop comes with Green and Red colors. Mostly the pink color is for girls players.

The sound of these cars are very good and the new Mustang Coop sound is unbelievable. In these new car skins the design is also very impressive. The four colors of Mustang are like-

  • Yellow Mustang Darcia
  • Pink Mustang Darcia
  • Red Mustang Coop
  • Green Mustang Coop

How to get Mustang in BGMI

Like previous events of car skins, Players can claim all four exciting Mustang skins from the Speed Drift event in-game. Users must accelerate in this event to claim the Lucky Medal – Mustang, which can be redeemed for car skin finishes. You can also gift the medals to your friend but you must have that car skin before giving the medals to others.

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